Tuesday, May 01, 2007

to note

I subscribe to janglo, a d-list for anglo jerusalemities listing for sales, for rents, events, job opps, etc. today one of the messages was titled as followed:
do you think they mean it? i would love to have a baby without the trouble of childbirth. i think my roommates would be ok with it if i brought home a really cute one (reasonably priced) and set up a crib in the living room.

there is a new mezuzah on the door to the laundry room in the kfar. it is big and flashy and silver, slightly rounded with a golden shin. the mezuzah on my door is a simple silver-matte thing, there-if-you-need-it-but-shall-not-force-you-to-notice-or-kiss.

tuna melt. the bread got a bit burnt in the oven, and had to cool off before i ate it, so then it wasn't warm anymore. hard to decipher the proper time to bite in. generally i make them using whole-wheat pita, but decided to be adventurous and buy a dark role instead. moral: it is not a good thing to be adventurous in the realm of tuna melts. recipe: tuna (במים), mayonnaise, onion, hard-boiled egg, with dashes of salt and pepper. yesterday kate made breakfast for lunch. it was good considering i don't really like omlets or pancakes.

yesterday/today is the first time i have done hebrew homework this term before it was actually due. i feel awfully proud of myself. i would call my mother and tell her so that she as well could heap praise upon me, but she would just chastise me for not doing any of it sooner. haval. i don't understand this worksheet on לא/אלא. what am i to do- מיסיסיפי, ירדן, דנובה, אוורסט
oh well. i have not done any jesna responses yet. must do them post-haste.

back to where we started. shira's birthday dinner in the apartment, picnic lunch, seudat shlisit at aviva's. how much do mushrooms cost?

diet coke. facebook. sun. avoiding work. chocolate (though avoiding). israel. open windows.

mr lapushin does not write in his blog enough. miss bakria writes too cryptically. miss bailey has a funny life. postsecret is racy. i am foolish because sometimes i write not for me but rather for imaginary people with exciting lives who i envision reading my blog but are much too busy to leave comments.

i used to listen to galgalatz a) in the old apartment, b) in the kitchen before the roommates kept turning it off, and c) in my room before it broke. now i have returned to the sounds of philadelphia with wxpn. yesterday i started getting dressed according to the weather report they gave.

colors are all the rage. when i was a young warthog, i used the free bic blue and black pens that are received/stolen from businesses and hotels and such. fall term i bought (i think for the first time) the beautiful uniball and associates ballpoint pens. this was a revolution in my writing life. kate started to use the stabilo israeli point 88 ultra fine pens that are designed like a pencil and i got jealous (curious) and bought some from the sale at the academon. 4 for 10 shekel. they are good for notes in hebrew class but don't flow like the beautiful uniball and associates ballpoint pens or even the free bic blue and blacks.

if you are questioning whether or not you should take a shower, take it. if anything of this nature is a question the answer is always yes and there is no question.

it is may 1. may day. may day.


Maxim said...

mr. lapuhsin does not blog enough because he is too busy reading ms. Israel, punctuated's blog.

your blog is read by many. im sure there is some statistic out there that says X ammount of comments means X amount of readers. i bet its something like 1 commenter is = to 50readers. i bet.

katers said...

miss bailey has a boring life. therefore she makes unnecessary drama to make it funny. but turns out it's just annoying. maybe she should think of changing.

Bakria said...

And miss Bakria is waiting for you to "unite and make order from the jumble that is her mind".

dad said...

Colored pens -- water-based markers, that is. I loved buying them for you the grammar school girl -- and there were always new ones -- new technologies -- to try. Neon colors, glitter colors, metalllics.

Your mom hung a few great ones in her operatory -- one the lady in a colorful skirt -- such patterns and delightful colors! But the lights stole the colors little by little over the years. There is nothing new under the sun.

Only the memory of that zest linked to hand and eye once met on paper.

Rebecca said...

note to all: my father is the sweetest man alive.