Tuesday, May 29, 2007

bumped his head on the foot of the bed

it rains

i live in israel, therefore making this a very odd occurrence, as jerusalem is in the desert and it is after shavuot/late late may.

i like rain. it clears all of our anger at roommates for not doing dishes and memories of the exam we just failed and embarrassment at telling boy she likes him and bewilderment of returning home in ten days and things that hang, hang in the air with the dust of a hamsin until rosh hashana with apples and honey arrives or we are soaked in our may t-shirts.

i place a pronoun here and a verb here and a subject here and now we have a sentence.
i needn't windex my window any longer. the rain blew sideways with the wind and the dirt is washed away.

sometimes i write so poetically i get myself confused. does this ever happen to bakria?

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