Tuesday, May 22, 2007

flowers and hikes and marzipan

last shabbat ventured with some north americans and israelis (they do exist!) on a "unity shabbaton" up north to nahal tavor. spent the morning hiking, which was splendid.

this here is a picture of the allah-goddess- tree from the hike. lovely.

here are some nice flowers in rocks. really beautiful.

here we have a wonderfully placed tree, cow, mountains in the background, and sparse looming clouds. really great.

the hike was lovely. afterwards, we went to the marzipan factory. fantastic! after seeing marzipan dioramas, we were ushered into a special room where honored visitors are encouraged, namely through the provision of a plastic box of colored pieces of sugary marzipan, to create their own sculptures. utterly outstanding!

here is our security guard from the trip, barak, with the marzipan gun he made. walla!

here is security guard barak again, but he has been convinced to seek peace and abstain from violence, as epitomized through his crafting of a rose instead of a gun. kol hakavod, barak!

so, dear honored reader, i realize you are thinking to yourself: "wow, rebecca just had the most spectacular day of her life! first the lovely hike with nice flowers and cows and muddy streams, then marzipan guns and roses, how fantastic! she is soooo lucky." well, dear reader, someone somewhere must really love me because IT GETS BETTER.

if you were to run a marzipan factory, what would you have in the gift shop?
"obviously," answers you, my dear reader, "a chocolate fondue fountain."
exactly right!
if you were to have a chocolate fondue fountain in the gift shop of your marzipan factory, and a really nice group of students studying at the hebrew university came by, all nice and sweaty after a morning hike, what would you do?
"clearly," answers you, my dear kind reader, "let them place their fingers underneath the stream of chocolate in the chocolate fondue fountain and eat the chocolate directly from their fingers."
but would that be all?
"of course not!" say you, dear reader, "these kind students would be allowed to lick the melted chocolate off of their fingers, savoring every morsel, and then put their fingers BACK into the chocolate fondue fountain and do it again!"

if you were to name my emotion at the moment, what would it be?
"without a doubt," answer you, my brilliant reader, "utter elation."

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