Sunday, May 06, 2007


to jerusalem nights

in the start of summer with warmth
but no melting, exuberance and not
exhaustion, love and hope and dreams
and other unidentifiable things that
are blown our way across the negev
up the hills to reach us here in
jerusalem, city of gold, to our-not-
quite-circle on the green matted grass
where we sit surrounded by best
friends and secret crushes and
towering jerusalem stone buildings
and the freedom of the end of the
week and being a young twenty-
something having ice cream and not
knowing for the moment--free--of
where we will live next year and
what we shall do with our lives! and
this, this black sky that is red and
heavy with the wind of hamseen,
this is life.

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Bakria said...

jerusalemite nights are really nice ...