Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the decisive moment.

the office of academic affairs - hebrew u america- is having a "photo exhibit extravaganza" entitled CRISPEE. fantastic. the theme is "what most typifies your experience at the hebrew university and/or israel to you." each participant may submit up to four photographs, due some day in july. i do plan on adventuring off to take some more pictures before then, but here are my favorite of the year thus far. please leave comments and let me know which ones you like! tods.

tel aviv art fair

the shuk at yafo- record shop and shop owner.

the shuk at yafo- dancing santa and an iron

amy seeing the mediterranean on the train to akko

the old city of akko- adverts and a tree

tremping in the golan

sukkot in the old city of jerusalem

grafitti in tel aviv

shuk in yafo- chair, table, poster

shuk in yafo- chair lot.

shuk in yafo- the three musketeers

jerusalem, night of yom hazikaron

Al Aqsa

the more panoramic al aqsa

kate and sun


cotton candy man

cotton candy man 2

behind the delicatessen's counter

sunglasses on allenby


Bakria said...

Very nice. :)
I'm impressed Rebecca by your artistic skills in photography ;p you have good beautiful eyes :D

Anyway, I vote for
- tzfat
- the old city of akko- adverts and a tree
- sukkot in the old city of jerusalem
- Al Aqsa

*the others are excellent but those are things that you find in israel not anywhere else. I'm waiting to see more pictures :D

Dad said...

Cotton Candy Man 2

You'll only find a cotton candy man like that in Israel.