Monday, January 14, 2008

one two and three

my nose keeps on running. i think i'm done with it, but no, out it comes, screaming a welcome-back to college.

life is a lot of work.

meaning just everything- plans future school studying money job friends food rent chapped lips.

highlight from my shabbat-
walking to mincha with F. (F=friend; numerous people have tried to set us up, but no.)
somehow shietels - wigs that married women wear to cover their hair- come up in the conversation.
I say I don't think I'll wear one.
F says (something like), who knows? maybe you'll wear one when we are married.
I say I don't think we are going to get married.
(glad we cleared that up)
I don't like the new beit habubot album as much as their first.

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Anonymous said...

There might be another F who liked F more than they let on. Maybe they were sad at some point.