Wednesday, January 16, 2008

on this question

My closest friends and I met for lunch today. We were all pretty hungry so when the food came it was pretty silent until I realized that we were there to talk, not just consume in each others' presence. We discussed our futures, wondering which programs to do and where to live and where to go to school and what we actually want to do. I said that I was interested in a few different programs, but had decided not to pursue them because they would not lead (at all or soon enough) to my end goal, which is aliyah, moving to Israel. And that I must take everything on with a view of how it will impact my aliyah, or otherwise it will never happen.

And they, caring involved American Jews and fantastic friends, said that I shouldn't let aliyah or my dream of moving to Israel hold me back from pursuing these things. That moving to Israel will always be an option, at any stage (age) in my life.

But, the thing is, I want to live my life in Israel. Not just move there "someday."


Anonymous said...

Seriously, why not make aliyah right after you graduate? NBN offers grants, etc. Why not talk to someone from there/the Jewish Agency about it?

Rebecca said...

student loans. jobs.

Rachel said...

I wish I had the courage to set my priorities that way, the way I want it.

I hope you make it. :)