Thursday, January 24, 2008

and this little piggy made me cry

Yesterday I sat in an armchair at the Einstein's in Posvar Hall doing reading before my seminar. I read through a codebook of the 2004 American presidential elections, in which respondents are surveyed on various things political from whom they voted for to opinion on health care. After many pages of questions came the respondent data, ie gender, age, marital status, geographic location, etc. I glanced over all of the data, looking at the spread of the 1,000 respondents.

marital status
xxx single
xxx married
xxx divorced
64 widowed

and I read this and saw sixty-four widowed and I started to cry.


Yuval said...

Browsing through many unfamiliar blogs tonight, local and foreign, this is the best post I've read. Thank you. (had I been more like Steven Spielberg at the post-Schindler oscar ceremony, I would have thanked the widows, the widowers and the departed too, but I'm not).

BTW, I too think "a case of you" is wonderful. I've found myself drawing maps of Canada over failed loves that had nothing to do with Canada.

Rebecca said...

thank you, dear sir. your comments are a warm hug.