Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sit on the floor: it's adar!

made a lot of food, took all of our friends furniture and got rid of ours, hung up scarves, had a few people over, and drank a bit.

in jerusalem, we are special, so we celebrate purim a day later than the rest of the world (except for the former city of bam, iran).

tamara and i made a purim feast- "מהדו ועד כוש" "From Hodo until Coosh" "From India until Ethiopia" - chosen after the line from the megillah. we made lots of Ethiopian and Indian food.

our menu:
Naan Indian bread
Sweet Potato Salad
Malai Mixed Vegetables
Ethiopian Spicy Tomato Lentil Soup
Vegetable Skewers
Veggie Burgers
fruit platters
(fabulous, indeed.)

avi and i spent sunday night decorating the apartment. we hung up scarfs on the ceiling (all but two of which are mine), laid out rugs and cushions on the floor, and wrote on the windows. that part was mainly avi, actually. i was making the naan. thirty wanderers showed up and sat on the floor and had some shots and some torah and lots of food. twas spectacular.

(and, well, these are some pictures to show how spectacular it was.)

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