Saturday, March 03, 2007

paint your fingernails: it's adar!

none of my friends have ever heard of the irish potatoes candy form. i shall attribute this to the fact that none of them are irish (as i am) and therefore know nothing about the world. this*, however, is it a situation that shall be remedied.

purim is beginning. guess who i am:

soup-making tonight. get pumped.

*their lack of experience in regards to irish potatoes, not their lack of irish ancestry.


Bakria said...

I can guess that I am myself with the Trying to smile face.
You look amazing. I look like trying to smile. Which is funny. 'Cause my teeth usually have to appear in all my photos.

Have a Happy Purim.

Kate said...

I'm part Irish. And the fam lives in BOSTON. They're the most hardcore in the whole world, outside of Dublin. I also used to live in Dublin, OH and we were the Fighting Irish. And I have still never heard of these candies. You are clearly making them up.