Sunday, March 25, 2007


i have a cold. i am not, however, cold(1). my nose shall cease to exist soon. or at least that is what one would think, having demolished a whole bag of tissues in an eight-hour period. i have been liquefying. but, daddy, israel does not have cranberry juice. i bought instead some orange juice and pineapple juice. i do not know what good the pineapple juice is for besides that it was attached to the orange juice.

mummy, don't be upset at me for still being online and not in bed, but i shall be off to bed in a minute.

please, enjoy some dreary pictures from my haifa friday morning:

"they tell you what you want to hear"

"someone lived here once"

i feel like the lost soccer ball.

i was previously cold, but then i turned the heat on and put on a sweater. now my nostrils are burning (from lack of skin), my cheeks are a bit warm, and my fingers are toes remain chilled.


Rachel said...

I have not yet read or seen The Hours, but I'd like to after I finish Mrs. Dalloway.

The pictures look great.

Feel better. Can I bring you anything?

Bakria said...

The first picture in Haifa. what is written there is: I see what I want.
I guess I know where it is.