Thursday, February 22, 2007

a selection.

pictures from the 21st, in reverse order. start at the bottom.

(twas a fabulous day.)

back at the apartment. cake from mum and dad, love and surprises from the roommates.

at the birthday dinner at al dente (which i arrived 45 min late to- stuck in traffic coming back from tel aviv). philip entertaining (as per usual), hannah laughing.

this is my friend kate. she is sitting on a chair.

santa for sell.

sun setting behind the mosque.

kate and i on the beach, watching the sun set, at jaffa.

the new living room.

a chair on a table in front of a poster. all for sale.

store owner in shuk #1 who asked if i wanted to be set up on a shidduch date (he has people in mind). he also gives discounts to religious people. he said i was religious, obviously, because i was wearing a skirt and so was my friend.

kate and i went for the afternoon to the shuk in jaffa. if the mermaids' bottoms are fins, why do they have butts?

my coat. tamara and i had gotten two coats (well, my coat and her sweater-vest) drycleaned, and they came back still smelling like bar, so we left them in avi's room so we would remember to take them back to the cleaners. in the morning, when we were getting dressed, tamara returned it to me, saying that she was cleaning avi's room for when she gets back. i picked it up to put it in my closet and found birthday notes.

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