Sunday, February 25, 2007

the rain in spain

it is wicked weather out. the sky is a dark purple haze, the sun has set, and the lids of the trash cans keep blowing open and shut, open and shut, the noise reverberating to my eight-floor bedroom window. my toes are wet and cold from the water puddles in the uneven stone pavement. the wind slashes at me, hitting me from all sides, first blowing on the side, tripping my feet, and then pushing me along so fast from the back that my skirt turns into a balloon and i loose my balance. the rain flows with the wind, thoroughly soaking my leather slippers and drenching my hair.

in other worlds, today was the first day of class. the first day of school is very exciting. i got dressed up (nicely, academically) and diligently took notes on every word. i feel like i am in elementary school again. very excited to begin the term and go to class and meet the professors and learn and take notes and do readings and write papers. muzar, lo?


Maxim said...

muzar, ken.


Panthers for said...

I feeel the same way!!! MISSSSsss U!