Sunday, February 04, 2007

lazy sunday afternoon

it is a lazy sunday afternoon. quite fabulous, really. i recommend having one, if you have the opportunity.

you may say it began yesterday. being saturday, not sunday. we (the canadians and I) were in Be'er Sheva for shabbat. shabbat, being a day of rest. it was raining in be'er sheva, so we did not leave the apartment we were staying at the whole time. well, tamara and i left before shabbat started on a failed expedition to find spare mattresses, at which time we learned that the be'er sheva population is composed of university students and old sephardic men. and that there isn't much to do there. however, we found ourselves pleasantly occupied with young children, food, and sleep over the weekend. two of the canadians and i decided to return to the Eer HaKodesh, the Holy City, after shabbos, but one of them had an appointment with an old flame of hers that she deigned^ to keep. so we walked to the bus stop. except it wasn't so much walking as it was wading through mud while getting blown over by gale-force winds. and being splashed horrifically by passing cars.*

we got on the bus. meaning, avi got on the bus while tamara and i were waiting for the driver to open the compartment under the bus so we could throw our bags in and then tamara was throwing the bags under the bus while avi was on the bus and i was getting on and the driver was starting to pull away without her. but then he deigned to wait for tamara, and we all got on the bus~.

it was a ridiculously long bus ride. i didn't know there were two billion small villages separating be'er sheva from jerusalem, but our driver took us on a nice tour of them all*. thankfully, the suffering was mitigated by the presence of a rather good-looking hayal (soldier) with a kipah and gun.

we arrived back to jerusalem. life was beautiful. we waited outside the central bus station for a cab for like ten minutes before one came. when we got in, we were all shivering and soaking wet and very happy to be in a cab. the driver (oh what a clever man) asked us what was wrong- "mah, yored geshem?"- what, it's raining?
but then he took us home.
tamara and i had soup and watched Anna and the King. then bed.

which brings me to today. lazy sunday. i woke up a bit before eleven and lazed around a bit. all my roommates were still asleep. then kate and i went on a shopping expedition to mister zol's (the food store). their current promotion is for buying certain amounts of certain products and receiving dollars. like, american dollars. it confused me, and i am sure i missed something in the fine print (which i could not read/understand). but yes, ladies and gentlemen, go to an israeli food store, buy things, and get american money.

then i came home.
the canadians had woken up (it was past two already), so we all sat around and had soup/pizza/pickles/ and water. then i made cookies. they're good. you are welcome to come up and try some.

which brings me to now. lazing around, listening to old camp cds, and eating cookies.
a lazy sunday afternoon.

^this is not quite the proper verb to use, but i do like it and do not often get to use, az zuho. (so that's that.)
*I may be exaggerating a bit.
~we also all got seats on the bus, which was a big improvement over our ride down to be'er sheva$
$ when we had no seats.

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