Wednesday, February 14, 2007

grammatically correct

outside Mister Zol's, the neighborhood grocery store, there is a small video kiosk. it is labeled as to what is contains- "DVD v'veedeo" (dvd in english, video in hebrew).

thought that was interesting.

a few other points:
a. sheila isong is my valentine
b. i have a fabulous new IBM
c. i have uploaded 600+ pictures that will soon be on webshots
d. my toes are cold
e. the weather was fabulous out today. it stopped raining, max.
f. i think eva is in new zealand now. i miss her.
g. the only people who comment on my blog are the ones i see everyday. muzar, lo?
h. we have no food in our apartment
i. i am looking for a roommate for next year
j. matthew simon wants max's kumkum back. he will not get it.
k. happy birthday, mr lapushin.


Maxim said...

you are wickedly manipulative deary. howso? well. in G you comment that nobody comments on the blog but people you see everyday. then you proceeded to mention me thrice within the post. surely, mentioning someone is a fabulous way to not only pique their interest, but also to push them to comment. you knew all this. so, you mentioned my name and made the "muzar, lo" comment in an effort to get me to comment.

well, rebecca. fine. you happy. i commented. happy valentines day, tho im pretty sure i dont like valentines day (its such an american holiday. i am positive phil also hates this holiday due to its american nature. query him on the morrow.)

why webshots and not facebook? reconsider and ill give you a hammock for your 22nd year of life.

tell kate to stop poking me on facebook, its lurid.(kate if you are reading this, don't sim lev to the above sentence.)

yala. good to hear the weather is back to'day)

Rebecca said...

i am expecting a hammock in the mail on wednesday :)