Saturday, January 27, 2007

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sometimes I think in lists. it helps me organize my thoughts (like I organized and cleaned my room tonight- I even washed the floor and dusted the shelves), which can get very tangent-ey. You might say scattered, but the way I think makes perfect sense to me, and frankly, I no longer care what you think.

it is four am. I am not in the mood for writing an essay. therefore, an overview of some lingering thoughts.

it seems everyone I know is suddenly getting engaged or married. which is all fabulous and well and of course we are happy for them. but it justs sucks if you are not.

sometimes it's nice to be in sour moods.

I am pretty horrible at getting back to people who send me emails and messages. don't take it personally. it's the same reason I don't post often to the blog- I want to write exciting and interesting things and I spend so much time thinking on what to write that I don't. Cacha zeh b'hayim sheli.

(a four-hour-later-deletion)

it annoys when people confuse a complaint and a statement of fact.

I don't have enough music suitable for bad moods. joni mitchell shall have to suffice.

when you are in a bad mood, it is best to be mad at the whole world. then you don't get your opponents confused and are accidentally pissed at someone you don't mean to be. you just get to be pissed at everyone.

this (bad mood and current outlook) will be changed by morning.

I really need to do my laundry. and the rest of the massive to-do list I have compiled.

just had a tiyul up North. went well. may write more on this later. Israel's pretty beautiful, though. I recommend seeing it. In a rented vehicle and not reliant on public transportation. With people who have similar interests in traveling as you. And with an up-to-date guidebook*.

I really miss trains. We took one from Jerusalem to Akko. It was pretty nice- the one along the coast was even two floors, which was exciting. There were small worktables at the big comfortable chairs (which faced each other) and lot's of sunlight. It just felt all wrong. I miss the R3.

I should probably go to the shuk tomorrow. or starve and not get any proper nutrients, but whatever.

Persuasion or Emma would be perfect right now. Along with a cup of tea. As is life.

We now have a kumkum on which water can be boiled for tea, which is a wonderful thing. Thanks to Nathaniel for so graciously giving the kumkum to us, and to Max whose kumkum it was before he returned to the backwaters of Georgia and left it on the kitchen ledge.

I've been thinking about philosophy and life and other stuff like that. I am currently considering the thought that life makes no sense and that too many people think too many different things and it is just too much to think about and I am using too a lot in this sentence. Also, I wish I were British.

*Let's Go, you've been pretty disappointing. I mean, you haven't even updated your Israel ("and the Palestinian Territories") guidebook since 2001. that was like, ages ago. high school, even. Things change a lot here. For instance, the Galilee Cider Mills have been closed for years. But thanks for the touring suggestion.

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Maxim said...

its good to know that tea, and other hot beverages, will be made with the aid of the kumkum i purchased. its funny how nathaniel gave you that one and not the other one. nobody ever used mine except me, for some reason. i am not sure why.

you will get much joy out of it. i wonder how did yall heat up water before?