Monday, January 15, 2007


(just because I feel like sharing/organizing my thoughts)

for this week + shabbat

-concert tuesday night at hebrew university- jerusalem
-north- zichron ya'akov and area wednesdsay-friday
(or- staying in jerusalem for concert at mike's place wednesday night, north thursday + friday)
-shabbat- old city plans canceled; go to yael's parents in ramot or get set up by anywhereinisrael outside of j-lem

next week
tiyul up north

in life
1. take the GREs, LSATs, or GMATs, or any combination of the above
2. graduate college
3. in year post-college, volunteer with the, a) Jewish Service Corp, working with a Jewish community overseas; b) Teach for America; c) Jewish Campus Service Corps (JCSC), working on a North American college campus;
or learn at Pardes for the year
4. graduate school- in something interesting. non-profit management, Jewish communal service, education, business, public policy, social work....
(other thoughts- go into editing/publishing; design; open a cafe/bookstore/coffee shop and call it The Front Porch)
5. do something interesting.

life objective
never stop

life goals
impact people
build social capital
keep learning
live Jewishly
only work in something that makes me happy and that I am thankful for everyday
marry a wise Jewish man
create a home


Dad said...

My Dad was a great planner, he planned every detail of his day and week and month and year. Reading his obituary I was in awe of all the things he had done in his life.

Yet all professional, scholastic and civic accomplishments they are forgotten, forgotten by public and his family, except for perhaps myself and your Grandmom.

What is remembered is what was unplanned, unwritten in the DayTimer and what was unrecorded on the official ledgers.

Kate said...


Please do not take the LSATS. Law school people scare me and I don't like them. (Let's pretend Reese isn't one of them.)

You should definitely go into publishing. I think you would make a wonderful publisher. You definitely have the hair to pull off all the outfits that being a publisher entails. (This observation is doubtless due to the fact that, in your EXTENDED absence this week, I have been forced to watch HOURS of Sex & the City. Please don't make me do this again.)