Thursday, January 11, 2007

on my walk home

i have finished my papers. life is fabulous.
all the more so because a) i turned the heat on so my toes won't freeze off again, b) i am listening to madeleine peyroux, and c) i just had some chocolate and i think some tea may be next up.

i finished my paper at 1:50pm. not so much finished as in completed, but finished as in stopped writing and without a care as to how it is marked. (notice the canadian-speech? it sneaks up all the time.) i printed out my two papers, avi's paper, and emily's paper (my print card is empty. this scares me because i do not know how to add more money to it.), ran to yoel's office, and then left.
that sounds pretty exciting. i left- done. hm.
but then i had an eyebrow appointment at 2pm with Perla the eyebrow magician at 2pm! she is from argentina, and speaks spanish and english and hebrew and maybe other languages but i do not speak other languages so i do not know beyond these.
i ran (walked super-fast) to the bus station in the forum, and my prayer must have been meaningful because the 28 appeared right away! i got on. and then more people did. and they continued to. and they still continued to. so many people got on i imagine they couldn't fit their arms on the bus and had to open the windows to fit in more people, but i did not look back for fear i would turn into a pillar of salt*.
finally, the bus driver decided that he was breaking enough laws and that waiting for an hour for people to get on the bus was enough, so he pulled away. and then i saw him.
he wasn't my soulmate. maybe in another outfit, but...
i saw a man, across the street. we didn't catch eyes, he probably doesn't even know i exist (why would he?), but he has impacted me.
for this man, you see, was wearing the most fabulous outfit. i really wish stacy and clinton were there to see it. brown and blue corduroy patched pants, a gray fuzzy sweater, and a darker gray and red tartan scarf. he was riding a motorbike. it made me really happy.

i got to perla's fifteen minutes late. that's not soooo late, but when each customer only takes fifteen minutes, i suppose it is later then you would like. perla said my hebrew was getting better :) . then she tried to kill me**.

then i got my haircut! not by perla, perla doesn't cut hair, but by the man who owns "Salon Ariela" on the second level of the Mister Zo's shopping plaza, two storefronts down from the thrift store. i had my hair cut here during ulpan, rob and amy came with, and the guy really scared me because he kept on cutting and cutting and there was a big pile of hair at the bottom, but then i looked good, so i decided not to be so mad at the guy. he has really fabulous hair himself, somewhat long and wavy and tousled back, so it is clear that he can be trusted with someone else's hair. he also has a gold wedding ring and a big gold watch. he was wearing a great big sweater that it looked like would be the type of sweater they always discuss in movies that is given as a gift but is really the most horrible thing. he too said my hebrew was much better, and then he cut my hair.

and that was my walk home.

*note to mr. lapushin- i feel awfully proud of myself that i can just throw in biblical allusions like that. i am currently brushing my shoulders off (no pats on the back for me).
**waxed my eyebrows. it hurts.


Rachel said...

If you need help adding money to your print card, I can give you a hand with that.

Also, it was lovely seeing you at Shabbat lunch yesterday. And, your hair looks great. The guy who cut it did a great job.

By the way, if you enable RSS feed on your blog, then I could read it. ~Rachel

Sarah said...

1) What if i don't get my eyebrows waxed because i have hair all over my face and it looks strange and i just pluck?
2) Does perla do waxes elsewhere (other than eyebrows)?
3) Is the hair guy good?
4) Is it sweater weather? Should i bring heavy sweaters and / or a wool coat?
5) is it the rainy season?
6) do you speak hebrew with everyone?
7) i heart stacey & clinton. they are my role models and your hot man friend sounds fun.

Rebecca said...

rachel love-
you are sweet. i shall call you one day for help putting money on my print card.
thanks for lunch. and it was nice seeing you at dinner tonight.
and if you need a haricut, the guy is just around the corner...

miss horowitz.
so many questions. i appreciate. it makes me feel smart when i can answer them.
1. plucking eyebrows is permissible
2. perla waxes everything. she is pretty spectacular.
3. hair guy is very good. at least, everyone likes my haircut. including the arab men in the muslim quarter.
4. sweater weather- def yes. don't bring too many sweaters. one or two + coat, i think should be good.
5. it rains occasionally. maybe once or twice a month. but yes, this is rainy season. but you don't really need your galoshes.
6. i speak hebrew with people who don't speak english well and shop keepers.
7. stacey & clinton are pretty much my favorite people. i would dress badly just to get nominated to be on their show.
8. i like your blog picture, you card-carrying aipac member.