Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a navigationable life

I have two 6-page papers due in...9 and 12 hours. amount written thus far: 4 pages. topics: Maimonides' basic views on the Land of Israel and economic and political inequality in America.

the sidewalks at school were saturated with salt today. too bad it snowed for only half an hour. but I am glad to see facilities management is preparing for bad weather -- mayhaps it has something to do with the email I sent the provost?

there is a major crack running down the corner of a wall in my bedroom--

should I be scared?

I'm currently wearing a new scent, composed of the combined elements of sweat and coffee shop. hm.

tonight, waiting for the 61c's last run, pick-up at 1:14 outside hillman, were in the bus stop:
- me
- two guys, one telling story of how he was picked up and spent the night in jail for being drunk. many expletives.
- a guy and a girl, kissing very loudly.
- me.
- a bench
- me
- 14-degree F temperatures
- me

peanut butter and jelly solves everything.

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