Tuesday, February 26, 2008

(in case you were keeping track)

Two men did two enchanting things today.*

This morning, as I was walking into Posvar Hall, a man who had previously been walking behind me swept ahead of me, grabbed the door (a heavy door at that), and swung it open, ushering me in by a sweep of his arm and his words: "After you." My heart nearly melted.

Tonight, as I was waiting for the 61c to take me home,** a man in a yellow fleece jacket approached the crosswalk on the other side of the street. He paused, scooped some snow up from the terrace next to him, and measured it out in his hand, weighing it, shaping it. He formed it into a ball as he walked across the street, and then, before touching down on the sidewalk, lofted it, fingers curling with the follow-through, into the air.

*it may be that more than two men did enchanting things today, but a) this is what I saw, and b) doubtful.
** it seems all I ever do is wait for the 61c to carry me home.

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