Wednesday, March 12, 2008

story of a Girl (in cell phone images)

Ben, the love of Girl's life, goes for the phone.

Girl escapes, ends up on lawn of soldiers & sailors facing imposing edifice

and imposing stalwart statue.

Girl traverses about the city, finding herself seated at the ultra-hipster vegetarian cafe/restaurant/hipster lounge the quiet storm in garfield, where things are almost too hipster to be comfortable.

not-so-hipster Girl is skeptical, until

she sees the lemon-lime cheesecake.

on the Next Day's Adventure, all part of the Grand Plan, Girl walks in sunny (sunny?!) pittsburgh weather around oakland, campus-ville.

the indoor-courtyard of Girl's biopsych class building, frick fine arts, reflects well,

but Girl and friend Phd-Prospect decide da 'burgh's gots alotta love tah offer, so they

engage in a game of chess at phipps botanical gardens, where the air is fresh (fresh!)

and flowers nicely scented.

blues make Girl sigh with contentedness,

while Phd-Prospect grins and bears it.

there are words all about-
the bench speaks: thank god for a garden be it ever so small

and Phd-Prospect journalizes Girl's camus quote from yesterday and charts out the next prolific tournament with haprolificim.

:thank god for the sunshine that comes flooding it all.

Girl agrees, and decides she wants to get married (in general) in a space like this (or at least enjoy such a space).

but, Girl reMarks, she has grown and learned that fairy tales are true only in books,

and sighs as she sees her gleaming white horse amidst a bed of flowers, but no daring Knight.

Girl sees ladies walking on water

and decides that she too can be a



Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca,
Is that a treif cheesecake?
Your halakhic guardian

Rebecca said...

Dear halakhic guardian,
Bloody hell, where have you been?! You best come to Pittsburgh before some major harm is done!