Monday, September 17, 2007

fast car

this waiting and not knowing and apprehension is making me argh.*

explain yourself, life!

one way or the other or no way at all this hiatus is too much.

There are three things to do when the kettle boils. First, pay no attention to it, and so waste the energy. Second, clamp the lid so hard that there is an explosion. Third, invent a steam engine or make some tea.
Clarence R. Skinner
"Fashions in Revolution," March 1918

*college students have advanced abilities at expressing themselves.


Kate said...

nu, 'matthew'

and i don't get the "or the either". is that on purpose because it sounds like it'll be 'or the other'?

Rebecca said...

ok nu i fixed the either (thanks), but like regardless just something should happen!!!