Tuesday, August 14, 2007

just on emails

how frustrating it is to have someone respond to an email I just sent them within twenty-four hours of the time I sent it, thereby demanding an equally fast response-to-response on my part that needs to be witty, engaging, and clever!
it takes time, people! I can't just bang this stuff out left and right.


me: X keeps on responding to my emails within a day
Kate: omg
me: so frustrating

only for the important ones do people wait forever to respond to (HAVAL! AVOID!)

me: no response yet from X. i sent the email almost two days ago already!!!
Kate: lameeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Kate said...

why is the spacing different on the second example from the first one? could it be because it was doctored???

Rebecca said...

hahaha what a crazy idea "kate."