Sunday, June 03, 2007

carpeted floors and chirping birds

well, folks. one week left in this holy land.

two+ suggestions from each of you on things i should do before i leave, please.


Maxim said...

1) the obvious: go to the kotel
go to the roof
go to the shuk
go to arab souk

2) the less obvious: make contact list of israeli/not-online-so-much friends

eat at tmol shilsom last time or some hummus place of good repute

buy a kafiyah or gilbayah or tshirt with hebrew/arab slogan

3) the absurd: go to ramallah with bakria

eat schwarma/falafel everyday so you miss it less

get lost in jerusalem, then find your way. (best done with a friend)

Dad said...

What's the difference between a 'v' and a 'u' in Hebrew? Bring a pair of that home.

ilan said...

1) Sneak onto the walls of the Old City at night (yes it can be done) and just wander the ramparts.

2) Go to the Tachana Hamercazit, and take a random bus on a whim (always wanted to do this...) and see where you end up. Best done with a friend.

Katers said...

Go to Ariel Sharon's farm in the Negev. BEST DONE WITH A FRIEND......................... ;)

Bakria said...

dont leave. this would make it easier for you.