Monday, April 02, 2007

it would have been enough

From the Kibbutz Ein Harod Haggadah:

"We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt," to King Farouks and Nassers in Egypt. But "we went out from there" – with a popular national uprising, "with a strong hand" – working and laboring, "with an outstretched arm" – liberating ourselves. And if our ancestors had not been liberated, "we and our children and our children's children, would still be slaves" – in exile.

I especially enjoy this selection from The Red Haggadah:

We were slaves to Capital, until the October Revolution "redeemed us with a strong had" from the land of slavery. If it weren't for the October Revolution, then we and our children's children would still be slaves to Capital. Today the revolution is only here, next year – a world revolution.


Kate said...

a birdie told me the communists won the arab student government elections. they probably used that hagadah for seder.

Rebecca said...

kate we may have to overthrow. my ayn-randified self cannot deal with this.

K said...

ARABS, rebecca. they're tough. they'll beat you with their key lanyards.