Tuesday, December 26, 2006

this place, where I live.

Underpinning Israeli culture is Hebrew as a modern language for daily thinking and functioning and for accessing a rich Jewish heritage. The modern Israeli culture favors change, espouses the Protestant ethics, and values education and exposure to mass media. Its values also include informal interpersonal relations, bad manners, agressiveness, disrespect of privacy, and the view of law as a bending and negotiable norm. Israeli culture is familistic, nationalistic, and materialistic. Although formed by Ashkenazim, this culture is a new product that does not resemble Ashkenazi or Mizrahi cultures of the Diaspora. Neither is it Western despite its Western orientation and pretension to be Western.1

(my thoughts to be added, but please share yours!)

1Smooha, Sammy. "Jewish Ethnicity in Israel: Symbolic or Real?" in Jews in Israel, Uzi Rebhun and Chaim I Waxman, Editors. Hanover: Brandeis University Press.

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