Saturday, November 11, 2006

on my mind again

somehow, there is never enough time.

a list:
-read Arab Awakening and Islamic Revolution, write critical review (due Wednesday at noon)
-go over Hebrew tests, figure out why I am failing and relearn material
-do Hebrew homework, learn new vocabulary (Monday, 8am)
-do readings for Zionist Idea (Sunday, 4:30)
-readings for Emergence of the Modern Middle East (Monday, noon)
-read I Samuel for Bible and English Lit (Monday, 2:30pm)
-buy leggings?
-buy winter shoes to wear with skirts
-get my winter coat from home
-call Bubby
-study for midterms (NEXT WEEK!)
-buy vegetables from the shuk
-find some rice milk, and buy out the store
-figure out my winter break plans (Eastern Europe, anyone? seriously.)
-buy a new siddur
-fix my computer/get a new computer
-plans for this summer?
-housing for next year in pittsburgh?
-find shlomo katz (he lives in nahlaot)
-get alexi murdoch cd
-get itunes to work on my computer before i freak
-buy rechargeable battery thingy
-send out mass emails
-call mom and dad
-drink more water
-go to sleep at a normal hour.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Leggings, darling? In the words of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, "That is TOO. FRUM."

Also a yes on the Eastern Europe. I prefer Czech or Poland, but whatevs.