Monday, October 02, 2006

duck duck CROC

things of note:

- I can only understand Hebrew when spoken by my Ulpan teachers,
- Ulpan is over,
- and I'm working on it.
- If you spend a Shabbat in the Old City, Then you will see everyone you didn't know you knew.
- Shabbat in the Old City is "hachi tov"- the most best.
- I am leaving for Tzfat tomorrow morning,
- Rebuilding bomb shelters, exploring the city, making candles, and singing lecha dodi.
- Ramah people are everywhere.
- My brothers seem to be incapable of calling me.
- I seem to be incapable of sending a mass email
- and this seems to upset my friends,
- who are also not capable of answering their phones when I call.
- I am addicted to buying scarves.
- Inevitably, every class I want to take will be scheduled for the same time.
- I miss Old Navy.
- When I was young, I thought that Old Navy was a thrift store, like Salvation Army (similar name, nu?). I was so confused as to why the clothes were in such neat piles and everything was clean.
- Todd is getting married in a year.
- I need to renew my visa in a month.
- Petra is a viable option.
- Jerusalem and Pittsburgh are both really hilly. Pittsburgh has a bit more bridges, but Jerusalem has its own syndrome.
- I don't think I'll ever get enough sleep.
- On Yom Kippur in Israel, most of the streets are closed down, and the Infamous Israeli Biker Gangs come out. It gets pretty dangerous out there.
- Crocs are the new black.

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Kate said...

You totally understand more Hebrew than that spoken by your Ulpan teachers. One of the reasons I lve going out places with you is that you always insist on speaking Hebrew! :) I miss Old Navy too.